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This proves people can change.just takes a full hearted dedication.


What song is it in the beginning?

Would You Look

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Interesting publicity stunt by Sony.


Damn t00 late


Is this gonna be a low budget film? Looks like it

Much love Baby Jokes!! Keep grindin ese rep them streets

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Behind a great strong man there is a great strong woman

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This was a awesome movie good performance by Richard cabral and joey abril may god bless you brothers in this industry.

It's decent. It'd be a good show but not for movie because i expected it to brutal but it wasn't. I'd say 5/10





Eduardo! You are so loco, man.

charlie row campoooo

Miguel from coco all grown up

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Hes just a tweeker  I KNEW IT! when I first saw this guy .. I KNEW he had a real past. I grew up in LA and could see it in his eyes and the way he portrayed those characters so perfectly. I knew he must of lived it. I like the man even more now. KUDOSn.

So no more Charlie row camp?

Kind of miss him doing music though.

He sounds like lil moko

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date dual audio

That's good he's doing good now cus gangs just lead u to one place either prison or dead

I got the Full FIlm I downloaded

Da hat die freiwillige Selbstkontrolle aber ganze Arbeit geleistet - vorher war der Trailer viel länger...



He is a great actor. The way he executes his lines is amazing

Who's here from inshorts news?


this fools hand gestures the way he sounds I'd put money on he's part of gay Hollywood...someone turned his ass out Lies, hoaxes, fake leaks.. that’s how you catch people now Hollywood Oh so this is what el wordo did before joining key and peele Teefa In

Trouble Free

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that's wassup he grew up and changed his life for the better, anybody hating on him still stuck on stupid.

personally speaking as a tough guy he is a useless actor but if he should try some other kinds girly stuff I think he might come through my opinion is yuck!

that fool is no role model to the raza he's an actor that's it what great thing is he doing for his people other than just saying his sorry ass crack life story!

If Rusell Brand was a Mexican Gangster

dude is down to earth! I raved with this kat in 2012/2013 new years rave!! and his gangter squad!

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Boutta check the torrent sites since I'm too late to see the whole leaked movie on Sonys YT hahahaa.

It's weird they don't mention his rap career at all. I used to listen his music years back and wanted to see what he's been up to recently and now they only bring up this stuff about gang life and drugs and not baby jokes or charlie row campo. Even IMDb and wikipedia don't mention it. I mean he was pretty good rapper after all.

hes so sexyyyyyyyy

me personally I have more respect for those who grow up in the barrios and make it to college now that's fucken amazing real knowledge!!!.

Hes so gangsta that he caught a bullet with his teeth when carlito shot him.

quickest 90min movie ever

Watch Khali the Killer {2018}' Visit: https://originalhdfilm.blogspot.com/play.php?movie=4498760 Good for him, and any others who find their way out of gang life.....





  • 1000 / 1000