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This is a cool sci-fi documentary, they made it pretty believable. I don't know if I believe in mermaids or not, but I keep an open mind. Besides, we only have explored like 5% of the entire ocean and we keep making new discoveries, so who knows what else lurks down there? But despite this is likely fiction, it does have one fact that can't be denied in real life: the government. Marine and militia secrets. The power they have to confiscate things, either out of fear for uproars or panic from the public or not wanting to take full responsibility for any damage they cause. So I deem them as being secretive cowards for not sharing with the world. Imagine: scientist may have found something revolutionary (not only talking about possible mermaids but could be anything) but the government are nosy enough to take over it and either destroy the evidence or keep it as their own but in secret from the public.. what online college is right for me siding and roofing contractors near me online college courses near me

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Aos Sí. 0 movies premiering the week of October 27, 2017 -, Pastelink - Anonymously publish text with hyperlinks enabled. No Title - Pastelink,


It's a dolophisoares 8:25

Waste of time, and just for the record ‘docu-fiction’ is a silly silly format for entertainment!! It’s the equivalent of adding new letters to the alphabet as you teach a 3 year old. Just stupid!!! Documentaries should be left purely as a documentary!!!. insurance quotes near me Triste historia😭😭😭

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If its bad quality it’s usually fake. healthcare administration schools near me cheap auto insurance companies near me 1 dollar jewelry store near me


medical billing and coding colleges near me I mean yes all of this is fake u can clearly see its cgi none of the videos are real and they are actors ( I think ) but I do believe the aquatic ape theory and that there are mermaids or whatever name they are called it’s not so hard to not believe since we haven’t even discovered all of the ocean.

f a k e Shock me Shokoy, Raya Martin Door Light, Zachary KerrHolden Pumpkin Movie, Sophy Romvari Aos Sí-Deep in the jungle - Duration: 6:55. Aes Sídhe 527 views. 6:55. Raya Martin — The Movie Database (TMDb), VIP Hide ads, help pay for servers & unlock VIP only features like year in review, iCal feeds, calendar notifications, widgets & more! Hide ads & unlock VIP only features!. Full Movie Shock Me Shokoy Torrent in Hindi Streaming Online. The Shape of Water Trailer (2017). 01 December 2017. An other-worldly story, set against the backdrop of Cold War era America circa 1962, where a mute janitor working at a lab falls in love with an amphibious man being held captive there and devises a plan to help him escape. Raya Martin was born in 1984 in Manila, Philippines. He is a director and writer, known for Independencia (2009), Autohystoria (2007) and La última película (2013). Shock Me Shokoy (2017) - Official HD Trailer..





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